How can I contribute to TimVideos projects?

Due to the TimVideos project being made up of many smaller projects, it can be tricky to figure out what is a good idea to work on! To make it easier to figure out where your efforts are best spent, we have a number of useful tools to help match you to projects.

Once you have found a project you are interested in working on, go to the issue tracker for the project and look for bugs marked Good First Bug. These bugs are simple enough that you should with some help be able try to fix them.

What do you like working with?
  • Chips

    I like physical things I can touch and making LEDS blink
  • Bits

    I prefer the rewards of virtual objects which can be built quickly
Well, what kind of chips?
Which programming medium do you prefer?
  • C

    I might like shooting myself in the foot, but at least it happens quickly!
  • Python

    I like working with the world's best language,
    but not having to deal with interacting with users
  • Web

    I like my HTML and JavaScript, and know how to use a browser debugger
    The HDMI2USB project | The HDMI2USB Firmware | MiSoC and MiGen tools
There are multiple python projects you can help out with!
  • Flumotion
    We need help with our work on flumotion
  • Streaming System
    We need help with our work on our streaming system
  • Slide-Lint
    We need help with our work on our slide linter
  • Veyepar
    We need help with our work on Vetepar
  • HDMI2USB (Extension Boards)
    We need help with our work on our HDMI2USB Extension Boards
  • Streaming Website
    We need help with support for our streaming
We can use your help with our C-based projects
  • gst-switch
    A DVswitch replacement basing on GStreamer
  • gstreamer
    An open source multimedia framework